2009 Iowa State Champs: From left to right
Michael Brophy,  Eric Stuart,  Jayden Kies,  
Mr. Anderson, Jodi Brophy,  Andy Hurlbut
2010 Iowa State Champs
Pictured above are our 2010 Iowa  State Champs
John Stuart Sparring Champ and World Top Ten
Andy Hurlbut Sparring Champ
Lowell Anderson Sparring Champ
Jayden Kies Triple Crown Champ (Forms, sparring and
Michael Brophy Forms Champ
Darrin Thompson Forms and Sparring Champ
Jodi Brophy Forms and Sparring Champ She is also the
2010 World Forms Champ
Congratulations! To Jodi Brophy and John
Stuart on their World Top Ten rankings.  
John ended the year ranked number 6 in
the world.

Jodi took 2nd place in sparring at the
World championships.

Jodi Won the 2010 forms
She is the 2010 ATA World