Our Mission
Anderson ATA Family Taekwondo is
dedicated to "Changing the World -
One Black Belt at a Time". By
supplying the highest quality martial
arts instruction available in a safe and
positive learning environment,
students of all ages will enjoy the
learning experience and personal
development that they will achieve
through training in the Songahm style
of Taekwondo.
Not sure if you or your child will like Taekwondo?
Call Mr. Anderson to set up an introductory class.
Then get scheduled for 2 weeks of free classes.

Parents Kick for FREE
Parents any time one of your children joins our
school you join for FREE!
(one parent per child please)
Over 800,000 children were reported missing last year!  Don't let
yours become one!

ATA Martial Arts, in partnership with AMBERAlert.com, is
launching a worldwide initiative to help minimize the risk of child
abduction through education.  ATA's Kidz 'n Power porgram
covers important safety information in a straightforward,
non-threatening way including break away techniques, stranger
warning signs, tips to deal with bullies and internet safety
precautions.  The program uses an interactive DVD featuring
Sgt. Safety to teach kids about all types of dangers from bullies,
drugs, fire and the most important abduction safety.  This is a
must course for any child!

Do you have a group that you would like to protect with this
invaluable training?  Call us today to schedule your exclusive

Nerf Wars September 26th 7:00-9:00
$10.00 each or $20.00 per family

September 28th our New Schedule begins